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Independent Kids: Help Them Make Choices

Do you have an independent kid? Do you try to tell them what to do and they don't seem to listen? The easiest way to work with your independent child and gain their cooperation, is to give them choices. Choices help kids feel that they have some control over their lives. We can offer choices to kids so they have some say in deciding household rules and we can also give them choices on how they take care of themselves. Choices are good for children because it gives them lots of practice in making big and little decisions. Here are some … [Read More...]


Helping Kids Act Right: Teach Them To Think About Solutions

The summer is flying by. My oldest child is working, my second son is away at camp. My 2 younger children are CIT's in a local day camp. They are occupied for a few hours a day, but we still are spending a lot more time together than we do during the year. One of the things that I find challenging is the need to micromanage their lives. I find I am constantly telling them what to do. I need to remind myself often that I have to respect their point of view and value their input. I know that one of the best ways to do that is to ask them to … [Read More...]

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Resilient Kids: Parents Need To Have A Growth Mindset

In my last post i mentioned that when I first read Faber and Mazlish’s book, “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen” I found the chapter on "Praise" to be eye opening. The authors cautioned parents to stop using evaluative praise, "Good Job!", "You are the best!" and recommended that parents use descriptive praise instead: "You said 'please' and 'thank you' to the waiter. That was polite." "You researched the paper, organized the information, wrote it down, asked for help when needed. A lot of effort went into your work." I also mentioned that … [Read More...]

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A+ Solutions: Our Cleveland Summer Social Skills Groups

In our last post we spoke about A+ Solution's Summer Reading and Math Groups. We would also like to highlight our Social Skills Group led by Odette Hankins. Here is what she has to say: "There is a popular children’s book called “The Crayon Box That Talked” by Shane DeRolf. In the book, the author’s words and the illustrator’s drawings help children understand that “when we all work together, the results are much more colorful and interesting.” It demonstrates that great things can be achieved with the effort of the group. It shows the … [Read More...]

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New Webinar: Ready, Set, Go: Start The School Year Off Right

We are getting ready for our next A+ Solutions webinar. Come join Favi Becker,Psy. S. NCSP, on August 25th, 8-9PM, as she teaches you all about making sure your kids are ready for the new school year. Let's start the school year off on the right foot! Click here to sign up: Ready, Set, Go: Start The School Year Off Right! … [Read More...]

Parenting Responsible Children

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Emotional Intelligence For Kids: Teach Them To Calm Themselves

                What is all this hype about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the new buzzword in education and parenting. Research has shown that it is an important factor in helping our kids have healthy relationships with their spouses, friends and co-workers. Adults who are emotionally intelligent are happier […]

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Whose Report Card Is It Anyway? Encourage Your Child To Take Responsibility For Their School Work

I remember the feeling of anticipation and nervousness in elementary school when report cards were handed out. I wasn’t the greatest student but I always did okay, A’s, B’s and once in a while a few C’s. Whatever I did get my parents were pretty cool about it. They knew I was an avid reader […]

Nurture Yourself

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5 Surefire Ways To Stop Losing It With Your Kids

Every parent messes up. We say things we don’t mean. We yell at our kids because we are tired. We sometimes blame our children for things they never did. We may accuse our children of behaving badly when that was never their intention. We act in a way that we swore we would never act. […]

Moms Have Got A Lot To Do: Manage Your Time Effectively

Sometimes I feel like my world is spinning out of control. There is always so much to do, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. In our fast paced world it is important to stop and think about effective ways to manage our time. Julie Morgenstern, in her book “Time Management from the Inside Out” advises […]