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Sibling Rivalry: How To End The Fighting Now!

Most siblings fight. It is the way of the world. Think of Cain and Abel, Isaac and Ishmael, Joseph and his brothers. Enough of a history lesson – what can we do as parents? Our jobs as parents is not to stop the fighting, it is just to slowly, gently and sometimes painfully move them along to resolve their conflicts, and come up with solutions. It is a painstaking process but it can be done. A good idea is to talk about solutions, and how important it is to look for solutions as a matter of course in your home: “I had a real problem, … [Read More...]

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Respecting Teachers: Is It Really That Important?

Dear Adina, I received a phone call from my daughter’s teacher telling me that she has been disrespectful in class. This is the first time this happened. My husband and I were really angry. What can we do so this does not happen again? It is really tough when a kid is being disrespectful to their teachers. It is important for kids to have a healthy regard for authority figures. We take it pretty seriously in our home when this happens. That being said, when trying to discipline a child and help them improve their behavior we need to … [Read More...]

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Webinar Recording Available: Ready, Set, Go: Start The School Year Off Right

Did you miss our A+ Solutions webinar on Monday night? Don't worry, you can still watch the recording. Come join Favi Becker,Psy. S. NCSP, as she teaches you all about making sure your kids are ready for the new school year. Everyone wants to start the school year off on the right foot. Did school already start for your kids? Favi has some great tips on how to create a schedule for your family that will make sure that your mornings and evenings will be running smoothly throughout the whole school year. She also gives practical advice on … [Read More...]

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The Curse Of The Good Girl: Teaching Girls (And Women Too!) To Take Risks

I am looking over all my work from this last year. One of the great books that I read was "The Curse Of The Good Girl" by Rachel Simmons. It is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. The book was chock full of information on how to help girls manage best in the complicated world of friendship, school, and home. Many of her suggestions, tips and techniques struck a chord, but I found this one particularly interesting: Simmons (2009) put together a step-by-step process to help girls overcome their fear of taking risks: 1. Define … [Read More...]

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Is Your Child Struggling In School? Getting Ready For The School Year

In our last 2 posts we answered the following question from a fan: My daughter is often complaining about her day in school. She seems to do well academically and has friends. She just seems to take things to heart and does not seem to be able to cope with life. I vacillate between saying, "You shouldn't worry, you are smart and a good friend" and "You complain about everything and need to stop." Nothing seems to work. Any ideas on what I can do to help her stop complaining and start coping? We spoke about the fact … [Read More...]

Parenting Responsible Children

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Emotional Intelligence For Kids: Teach Them To Calm Themselves

                What is all this hype about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the new buzzword in education and parenting. Research has shown that it is an important factor in helping our kids have healthy relationships with their spouses, friends and co-workers. Adults who are emotionally intelligent are happier […]

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Whose Report Card Is It Anyway? Encourage Your Child To Take Responsibility For Their School Work

I remember the feeling of anticipation and nervousness in elementary school when report cards were handed out. I wasn’t the greatest student but I always did okay, A’s, B’s and once in a while a few C’s. Whatever I did get my parents were pretty cool about it. They knew I was an avid reader […]

Nurture Yourself

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5 Surefire Ways To Stop Losing It With Your Kids

Every parent messes up. We say things we don’t mean. We yell at our kids because we are tired. We sometimes blame our children for things they never did. We may accuse our children of behaving badly when that was never their intention. We act in a way that we swore we would never act. […]

Moms Have Got A Lot To Do: Manage Your Time Effectively

Sometimes I feel like my world is spinning out of control. There is always so much to do, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. In our fast paced world it is important to stop and think about effective ways to manage our time. Julie Morgenstern, in her book “Time Management from the Inside Out” advises […]