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Parenting With Confidence: Look Within Yourself

We should never compare our kids to other kids or even their siblings – that’s a given. Did you realize it is even more important that we do not compare ourselves to other parents? We need to avoid the, “If only I parented like Sara, and had kids like Eli, everything would be great!” Haim […]

Talking With Your Child About Making The Right Decisions

As a parent we want our children to make good decisions. We want them to think carefully before acting, especially if the decision they make could have dire consequences. We want to teach them the process – that means talking with your child about making the right decisions. Part of our job as parents is […]

One Simple Way To Create A Loving Home

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. It is a basic human need. As parents, we want to meet that need in our children and our spouses. As with almost anything in life, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. One simple way to show our love and appreciation to our children and […]