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Is Your Child Struggling In School: One More Way You Can Help

There are many children who struggle in school. As parents we want to help. It is hard to see our kids doing poorly and not living up to their potential. Unfortunately there are things that we say that can make it worse: “You are not trying hard enough. If you just applied yourself you would […]

Is Your Child Struggling In School: 2 More Simple Ways You Can Help

  Take My Brand New Class! Simple Ways To Help Your Kids Thrive In School Here are 2 more ways that we can use empathy to give the reassurance and support, that these struggling learners so desperately crave: 1. Give them their wishes in fantasy Many times when children complain, we respond with rational explanations […]

3 Simple Ways To Raise Good Kids

Many parents tell me: My kids are always misbehaving! My kids are so irresponsible! My kids act all entitled! My children are so impatient! They want everything and they want it right away! And I tell them that kids are still kids. They are still learning how to behave. They are going to act irresponsibly […]

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