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Back To School: One Thing Your Child Needs to Succeed

If there would only be one life skill that you could teach your child, it would be self-control. It is the single most important factor in creating an emotionally healthy adult and is essential in helping children succeed academically. In a groundbreaking study by Walter Mischel, children were put in a room with 2 marshmallows […]

The Most Powerful Parenting Tool

When I was a young Mom, and just had my second child, I complained to my friend, “I was barely able to deal with one, I can’t handle a second one!” She was very upset with me. She said, “That’s just your head trash! Yes, you can handle two kids. The more you tell yourself […]

Helping Kids Listen: 4 Questions Parents Need To Ask

Hands down, the biggest complaint that I hear from parents is that their child is not listening to them. Instead of getting frustrated, we need to understand why our children aren’t listening. Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself to finally help your child listen to you.   How much listening has your […]

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