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Yell Less, Love More: Parenting Book Club at A+ Solutions

We are excited to kick-off a parenting-focused book club at A+ Solutions! Our first book that we will be discussing is Yell Less, Love More by Sheila McCraith. Her bio says it all: “Sheila is also known as the Orange Rhino, is a mom to four energetic boys now ages eight and younger. In January of 2012 her handyman caught her screaming at her boys giving her the final encouragement needed to find a way to kick her yelling habit to the curb. The Orange Rhino challenge, her public promise to go 365 days straight without yelling and her … [Read More...]

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Understanding Sensory Processing Issues: Meet Aliza Feldman, OTR

A+ Solutions,and the Mandel JCC Early Childhood Center are hosting an evening with Aliza Feldman, OTR Her topic: Understanding Sensory Processing In Young Children This is such an important program. There are many times when a child is misbehaving and we are not sure why. Many times it can be due to sensory processing issues. Knowing about Sensory Processing, helps us parent in better, more creative ways. I wanted you all to get to know Aliza before our talk in a few weeks, Tuesday, January 13th at 7:30pm at the Mandel JCC, so I … [Read More...]


New Program: Understanding Sensory Processing In Young Children

As I mentioned in my last post, about Sensory Processing, I attended an inservice given by our preschool's Occupational Therapist. She had given us a very real way of understanding Sensory Processing. She had put the rough side of sticky velcro on our, the participants, shirt tags. She told us, "I just wanted you to see how children who are sensitive to touch feel about the tags in their shirts. This is how irritating it is to them, like the rough side of velcro rubbing against their neck." In a subsequent inservice given by this OT, she … [Read More...]

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Yell Less, Love More: Simple Ways To Parent Without Anger

We have got so much going on here at We are finally excited to kick-off a parenting-focused book club at A+ Solutions: Our first book club meeting is: Tuesday, January 6, 2015: 8-9PM The book: Yell Less, Love More by Sheila McCraith There will be a live class in Cleveland: 3659 Green Road Suite 112 Beachwood, OH 44122 We will also be providing an online connection for remote participation! Moderators: Adina Soclof, MS. CCC-SLP Courtney Evenchik, MA, NCSP There is only 4 weeks to our first … [Read More...]


Teens: What You Can Do About Their “Mean” Behavior

I am reading a great book, "Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success: It's So Much Work To Be Your Friend", by Richard Lavoie. I think I have highlighted most of the book. It is just that good. I have just finished reading the chapter, "Bullies, Victims and Spectators." Lavoie, speaks about the phenomenon of the "mean" teenager. This is what he says, "Teenagers are not inherently mean. But their treatment of their peers can be brutal.... An example may be useful. Suppose four girls-Paula, Nancy, Janet and … [Read More...]

Parenting Responsible Children

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Emotional Intelligence For Kids: Teach Them To Calm Themselves

                What is all this hype about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the new buzzword in education and parenting. Research has shown that it is an important factor in helping our kids have healthy relationships with their spouses, friends and co-workers. Adults who are emotionally intelligent are happier […]

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Whose Report Card Is It Anyway? Encourage Your Child To Take Responsibility For Their School Work

I remember the feeling of anticipation and nervousness in elementary school when report cards were handed out. I wasn’t the greatest student but I always did okay, A’s, B’s and once in a while a few C’s. Whatever I did get my parents were pretty cool about it. They knew I was an avid reader […]

Nurture Yourself

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5 Surefire Ways To Stop Losing It With Your Kids

Every parent messes up. We say things we don’t mean. We yell at our kids because we are tired. We sometimes blame our children for things they never did. We may accuse our children of behaving badly when that was never their intention. We act in a way that we swore we would never act. […]

Moms Have Got A Lot To Do: Manage Your Time Effectively

Sometimes I feel like my world is spinning out of control. There is always so much to do, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. In our fast paced world it is important to stop and think about effective ways to manage our time. Julie Morgenstern, in her book “Time Management from the Inside Out” advises […]