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One Simple Way To Create A Loving Home

Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. It is a basic human need. As parents, we want to meet that need in our children and our spouses. As with almost anything in life, sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. One simple way to show our love and appreciation to our children and spouse and make them feel as if they are the center of our world, is how we greet them as they walk in the door after a day of school or work. The best old-fashioned piece of marriage advice that I got was this: Go to the door to greet … [Read More...]

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Good Parenting: Teaching Children Kindness and Responsibility

This past week, I spoke for a Jewish organization, here in our neighborhood. We discussed simple ways that we can teach children to be kind and responsible towards other. The basic premise was this: If we act kindly and responsibly towards others, so will our kids. We need to change ourselves, make ourselves better so that we can be a good role model for our children. It sounds tough, but here are 2 easy ways to do this: 1. Look for the positive in others: Everyone had positive traits and we need to focus on these. Even if we are in a … [Read More...]

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Family Vacations: One Simple Way To Make Them Fun

We all look forward to the summer and hopefully that means that we are also taking a family vacations. We often have very high expectations. We think that it is the time that we will bond, laugh and make happy memories. Everyone will get along, everyone will appreciate all the hard work that we put into planning the vacation and everyone will enjoy all the activities that we so painstakingly scheduled. I am sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but it usually doesn't work that way. Those expectations are probably unrealistic and … [Read More...]

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2 Tips For That Summer Sibling Rivalry

It is that time of year again, where our kids our home and there seems to be a lot of quibbling, squabbling, teasing and outright fighting. When kids spend a lot of time together, it’s bound to happen. Do not despair though. There are things you can do to keep your sanity and maintain the peace. Here are 2 simple tips: 1. It’s really good: In a previous post, I spoke about a class I once went to, given by a marriage therapist, Sara Chana Radcliffe. She said that if you have a problem with your husband, do not say: “I don’t know how … [Read More...]

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Free Recording: Summer Survival Skills For Parents

Last night we had a great webinar, Summer Survival Skills For Parents. Thank you to all who joined us live. We covered so much material (the class lasted a bit longer than I expected.) We talked about how important it is to maintain a schedule with kids, but ways to still keep your days light and fun. Kids need structure and routine and will behave better if they have that. We also discussed how to prevent tantrums and a step by step guide to dealing with those inevitable meltdowns. We spoke about ways to keep ourselves calm when we … [Read More...]

Parenting Responsible Children

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Emotional Intelligence For Kids: Teach Them To Calm Themselves

                What is all this hype about emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the new buzzword in education and parenting. Research has shown that it is an important factor in helping our kids have healthy relationships with their spouses, friends and co-workers. Adults who are emotionally intelligent are happier […]

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Whose Report Card Is It Anyway? Encourage Your Child To Take Responsibility For Their School Work

I remember the feeling of anticipation and nervousness in elementary school when report cards were handed out. I wasn’t the greatest student but I always did okay, A’s, B’s and once in a while a few C’s. Whatever I did get my parents were pretty cool about it. They knew I was an avid reader […]

Nurture Yourself

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5 Surefire Ways To Stop Losing It With Your Kids

Every parent messes up. We say things we don’t mean. We yell at our kids because we are tired. We sometimes blame our children for things they never did. We may accuse our children of behaving badly when that was never their intention. We act in a way that we swore we would never act. […]

Moms Have Got A Lot To Do: Manage Your Time Effectively

Sometimes I feel like my world is spinning out of control. There is always so much to do, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. In our fast paced world it is important to stop and think about effective ways to manage our time. Julie Morgenstern, in her book “Time Management from the Inside Out” advises […]