When Your Child Is Defiant: Sneak Peek At What We Learned Last Night

We had a great LIVE class last night: “When Your Child Is Defiant: Simple Ways To Avoid Power Struggles.”

We went a little bit over the time allotted because of all the information that we shared. We spent a full 1 hour and 45 minutes discussing our exciting topic.

A shout out to all those who joined and participated.

We learned the following:

  • The definition of defiant behavior and listed all the possible defiant behaviors that our kids can exhibit.
  • Why kids act defiant. What are they really trying to tell us. We noted that kids are usually angry, hurt and can’t express themselves, that is why they resort to defiant behavior.
  • Triggers for defiant behavior. We have to be prepared and know what can set our kids off.
  • How to set your house up so you will have more peace in your home and ergo (I love that word) less defiance.
  • Step by step process for dealing with your child when they are defiant. We all now know what we need to do stop defiant behavior.
  • How to change your child’s behavior for the better using positive reinforcement in creative ways.

If you missed the class and want to listen to the audio recording, we will have that ready for you in a few days.

I will keep you posted,


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