Take the Stress out of Helping Kids Thrive In School!

No more feeling helpless Mom & Dad!

Are Your Kids Struggling Academically or Socially? 

It's one of the worst feelings in the world, seeing your children struggle at school. Whether they seem to be falling behind the class or running into difficulty getting along with other kids - parents often feel helpless to do anything.

You encourage and offer help - but you can't do it for them. (Some days you wish you could!)

I Completely Understand!

You Want To Help Your Kids Stay Motivated Without Being A Nag

You Want To Know How To Respond To Possible Learning Disabilities 

You Want To Make School Work Enjoyable & Foster A Lifetime Love Of Learning

I'm Adina Soclof, Mom of four. 

I'm dedicated to supporting parents and people that work with our kids. I have years of experience working with children in the academic world, helping them overcome difficulties and thrive to the greatest of their ability.  

“I don’t believe in spreading messages of doom and gloom where families are concerned. Yes, the world can present us with some scary situations, but with the right tools you’ve got what it takes to help your kids. I believe in you!” - Adina

Join Me For A Special Two Part Course: 

Simple Ways To Help Your Children Thrive In School

Whatever difficulties and challenges your kids face at School, you can help them adapt and be more successful.

  • Learn the difference between a Growth & Fixed Mindset and why it's so important to adopt one over the other.
  • Discover how to foster your children's strengths and equip them to do their very best in any situation.
  • Find out how to use Praise & Compliments effectively and why doing it wrong can work against your goals for your child.
  • Uncover the art of turning mistakes into opportunities to learn and grow and even feel more confident in the future.
  • Pick up strategies that empower your kids to be well organized, accountable and capable.

We'll also dig into common social challenges our kids face at school, like overcoming shyness, making friends, learning to ask for help, making comparisons, responding to bullying behavior and more.

Early Bird Opportunity!  

Register early and you can participate in the live classes, ask Adina your own unique questions and pay a lower price!

We'll be meeting live on these dates and times - and yes, everything is recorded so you'll get an instant replay if you can't make it or want to refer back to a class in the future.

Session One: Monday, February 19th - 7:30 to 8:30pm Eastern 

Session Two: Monday, February 26th - 7:30 to 8:30pm Eastern

Regular Price $37

Register Now for only $17! 

"Simple Ways To Help Your Children Thrive In School"

You'll be invited to attend the live sessions online. 

You'll receive full replay recordings after each class. 

Ask follow up questions anytime in the Parenting Simply Facebook Community!

You're going to gain so much from this class to put into action with your family !

- Adina