Losing It With Your Kids? You're Not Alone!

I've Got Simple Steps To Parenting Without Anger To Share With  You...

Tired of Blowing Your Stack With The Kids?

Anger is a normal response to a lot of difficult situations - but I've got good news:  You CAN learn to respond without Losing It!

I'll Build Your Confidence As A Parent

You may feel like you're failing in this parenting gig - and losing your patience again and again isn't helping.  I'll build you up - starting by reminding you that this job is tough and no matter what you think - You Can Do It!

Tips For Calming Down & Cooling Off

There will always be opportunities to feel anger, our kids know all the right buttons to push - but we can step back and get in control with the right moves.

Trusted by Parenting, Teaching & Child Development Leaders

Adina Soclof creates parenting courses that have been used to offer continuing education credits for child focused professionals in the State of Ohio.  Her experience and advice are that well respected!

Parents, You CAN Build A Great Future For Your Family!

“I don’t believe in spreading messages of doom and gloom where families are concerned.  Yes, the world can present us with some scary situations, but with the right tools you’ve got what it takes to be a great parent. I believe in you!”

– Adina

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